Perfect Whiskey Pairings You Need to Try

Perfect Whiskey Pairing
Get ready to embark on a flavour-filled journey that will ignite your palate and tickle your senses. Move over wine, the hottest new food and drink flavour partnership is whiskey. Check out these winning food pairing partnership combos which we are very excited about!

West Cork Coffee

Why are coffee and whiskey so good together? The answer isn’t really that complex. If you make the right choice, one directly enhances the flavour of the other. With both elixirs garnering a cult following, we’ve seen a recent spike in coffee and whiskey fusions. West Cork Coffee, independent specialty coffee roasters, are at the top of their game brewing delicious, artisan coffee and we’re big fans! A perfect combination, crafting a unique twist on the classic Espresso Martini, using West Cork Irish Whiskey.  The Whiskey Espresso Martini gives a rich and robust depth of flavor to this beloved cocktail.

Chocolate Whiskey Ice Cream

We did it. Made with West Cork Bourbon Cask Blended Irish Whiskey and 100% pure cocoa from Valrhona, we created the ultimate sweet treat. We teamed up with Murphy’s ice cream to bring chocolate and whiskey back together, in the most cherished form. A luxurious blend of irresistible, dark chocolate delicately combined with our best selling Bourbon Cask blend. Drop in to your nearest Murphy’s to get a taste.

Union Hall Smoked Salmon Pate infused with West Cork Irish Whiskey

This light and delicate salmon pate is one of our favourite quick snacks and an incredible addition to any party spread. It’s got a hint of citrus, but the smokiness is the real winner here. Smoked salmon is combined with mayonnaise, horseradish, freshly squeezed lemon, and of course, our West Cork Irish Whiskey to bring you the perfect mouthful. Union Hall Smoked Fish is a local business run by the Nolan Family.

They’ve been providing quality seafood to West Cork and beyond for over 30 years. Like us, they take pride in their high quality products and dedication to West Cork, so our collaboration was inevitable!

Benjamin’s Hot Chicken – Spiked Cream & Poached Blood Orange Rhubarb

We’re always inspired by those creating delicious recipes with their favourite West Cork Whiskey, like the team at Benjamin’s Hot Chicken, who serve up out-of-this-world Nashville Style chicken straight out of the Vintage Inn, Dublin.