West Cork Whiskey and
an All-Ireland Charcuterie

There are some of us out there who can’t imagine a cheeseboard without its partner in crime: a well-loaded charcuterie. If your cheese and whiskey tasting was an outright success, why not tackle charcuterie at your next get-together? Below are some of our suggestions for the ultimate spread. And, of course, it’s an elite, Irish lineup.

  • With single grains or blends, like our Single Malt Bourbon Cask Finished Whiskey, go for salamis or smoked meats. Consider a flavour-packed Gubbeen Smokehouse salami.
  • You can also pair smoke with smoke and go for a peated whiskey with any smoked, cured meat.
  • Sherry finished single malts, like our Single Malt Sherry Cask Finished Irish Whiskey, work really well with a bresaola. We recommend Ispini Charcuterie’s rosemary & thyme edition. Pickled meats or cured beef are also a great choice here.
  • Prosciutto with Scotch Single Malt whiskies.
  • Try out your favourite pâté (we like the Union Hall Smoked Salmon Pâté) with our Bourbon Cask edition.
  • If the meat features a significant amount of spice, like a Forage & Cure Irish chorizo, pair it with our 5 year pot still. You won’t regret it.

You may not immediately think of Ireland when you consider your dream charcuterie board, but Irish meats really hold their own against international competitors. With pioneers like Fingal Ferguson, who features in our Casked Conversations, and Frank Krawcyck of West Cork Salamis leading the charge, the modern Irish charcuterie board is not to be overlooked.

Why pair whiskey with your charcuterie? Both whiskey-making and the curing of meat are considered unique artforms. There’s a huge amount of skill and knowledge needed to perfect both of these products. Pairing whiskey with your charcuterie selection allows you to experience both at their best.